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sushi sketch by Sabakakrazny

This sketch definitely has Firefly overtones to it, what with the scruffy jacket, gunbelt and holster. In keeping with the character, h...

Repairs in the Key of 0g by Sabakakrazny

Inverting the character truly 'sells' the idea of zero-G without giving the impression it's all done with wires or green-screen camera ...




Kalla's Plight

“Knifing the guard. Usually, that would get you buried to the neck out in the dunes and left for the lizards… but the Magister himself has decreed otherwise. His seneschal will be here in the morning to collect you.

“Don’t think it’s a reprieve, Kalla. The Magister plans to give you to his daughter for her coming-of-age ceremony… and I’m told the girl can be very rough with her playthings.”

The gate slammed shut, leaving Kalla alone in the gloom. She winced as the muscles in her legs began to ache. Balanced up on the balls of her feet, she could just barely ease the tension on the chain that was locked to the back of her collar. Kneeling or lying down were out of the question.

It was going to be a very long, very uncomfortable night…

Mark of the Machine
 "We were told, all of us, at the beginning of the new century that there would be benefits and opportunities such as had never been before.

“We learned, a little too late, that they came with a cost… And to show that each of us had paid, we were marked with the sign of the Machine. I can feel it now, against my ribs and spine: a dull pulse of heat that never quite goes away. It’s like something alive inside my skin. It’s how the Machine tracks me, how it instructs me, and – when it has to – it can punish me…”

  • Reading: Ganymede by Cherie Priest
  • Watching: The Monuments Men
  • Eating: Cheese Sandwiches

I emptied out a pile of junk messages from my email account the other day, and I found a lot of adverts on the above lines…

It seems that since I turned 50, some Internet bot out there identified me as a “target demographic” that really, really wants a good-looking trophy wife half my age. Of course, I’ll also be incapable of an erection – hence all the Viagra “boner brew” offers – and just to be on the safe side I really ought to have my funeral costs all worked out first; being 50 and all, I may fall over dead at any given moment.


Then, there’s all the adverts offering me “free gambles” in online casinos and others telling me that I’ve won thousands in contests I never even entered. What it is to be pigeonholed!

Yet it’s also fascinating in a contrary kind of way. Take a bare handful of known factors and come to a conclusion about me and my lifestyle that is 100 percent pure bullshit. And then bombard me relentlessly with “great deals” tailored to that theoretical version of me.

Yes, I’ve turned 50. Yes, I’m a single heterosexual man… But after what happened to me in my last relationship, I have no desire to go chasing after “hot babes”, Russian or otherwise.

I’m not a hopeless gambling junkie, and I’m way too much of a cynical bastard to believe that I’ve “won” an online contest I’ve never heard of. I’m far too used to having life kick me in the face.


Chris Price
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom


Open for Business
You can get a general idea of what my work's like in maybe five minutes flat. My main settings are science-fiction, fantasy, and steampunk. I have to stress that any CG characters I use are 18-plus; I won't budge on that point.

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